Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Krone Delivers the First Non-Stop Baler-Wrapper

Krone company has announced that they will show the world’s first fully automatic non-stop baler-wrapper at the Agritechnica Show in November. Dubbed the Ultima, it’s supposed to be able to boost workrates by 50%.
Usually, bale wrappers have to stop for some time in order for tying and unloading. Crops are collected in the feed chamber while the net wrapping activates. The feed chamber has one feed belt at the top and the other at the bottom. Its variable shape makes it a perfect pre-compression chamber at the same time.
The higher-than-usual ground clearance of the baling chamber allows the bale to drop right on the wrapping table, therefore boosting the bale-wrap cycle.
A tractor-implement management system makes it possible for the baler to communicate with the tractor via Isobus, enabling the operator to adjust tractor speed automatically to the load on the baler and, as a result, prevent the machine overload.

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