Friday, August 10, 2012

Drought Monitor Alert: the Record- Breaking Expanse of Drought Across the U.S.

According to the latest report on drought in America, there are more parts of the U.S. suffering from moderate drought nowadays than there were within the 12-year history of the American Drought Monitor.
The analysis of the latest drought monitor data shows clearly that 46.84 per cent of the nation’s land area remains in various stages of drought – moderate or even worse than that. The recent dryness and heat is catching up on the national scale and the government has to deal with the problem of drought on a larger section of the country than it was previously assumed.
The report brought some unrest to the farmers as it remains a serious threat to the agriculture issues: moderate droughts damage pastures and crops causing the streams and wells get low. What’s more, the great droughts include crop and pasture losses, accompanied with the shortages of water and causing water emergencies.
Now the government needs to take some preventive steps in order to stop this adverse effect from spreading or worsening and safeguard the future of agriculture industry.

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