Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reading Food Labels Keeps You Thinner

It’s now become a fact! Shoppers, women in particular, who care to read food labels are slimmer than those who don’t bother about it.
At least these are the findings of the study, published recently by Steven T. Yen, the professor working at the University of Tennessee, in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
Professor Yen discovered that women reading food labels weighed about 9 pounds less than those who don’t. According to Yen, reading labels helps the shoppers to improve their diet by making more informed decisions in food purchases.
The research was carried out on the basis of data provided by the annual “National Health Interview Survey”, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The survey included more than 25.000 observations on eating – related habits. The study, published in the “Agricultural Economics” journal checked if there is any relationship between the obesity and the nutritional label. The results proved that reading labels was the significant factor in cutting down on obesity, particularly among women.

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