Friday, April 19, 2013

A Century of Claas Quality

Claas is a farm machinery manufacturer known worldwide, now having its base in Harsewinkel, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. This year they are celebrating 100 years of success.

Claas was founded in 1913 and since then it has been gaining more and more popularity every year. Even though the company originally focused on producing reapers, nowadays they are considered to be the leader manufacturer of combine harvesters in the world. Soon the company began spreading and developing and these days the company’s products, especially Claas tractors and harvesters, can be seen all over the world. Their offer – besides harvesters and tractors – also include combines, mowers, rakes and tedders.

The most common among Claas tractors is Claas Xerion 3800. it is an impressive machine – big, strong and powerful, that can be used on most difficult grounds. Under the hood we can find a Caterpillar 8.8L 6-cyl diesel engine that can reach up to 379 hp – that speaks for itself. Besides, one of  Xerion 3800’s greatest advantages over other tractors of this class is innovative intelligent all-wheel steering that comes in as many as six different programs. This steering system makes rear axles respond directly to driver’s turns of the steering wheel.  The cab is spacious and comfy, hydraulics and performance hydraulics are comfortably controlled. Claas Xerion 3800, along with other Claas tractors, can be undoubtedly recommended to people who appreciate making life easier.

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