Monday, June 17, 2013

The Never-Resting John Deere

If you search for a tractor to make an addition to your stock – John Deere should always be your first option. John Deere products are always perceived as trustworthy and reliable, not to mention their effectiveness and productivity. No wonder that “nothing runs like a Deere” has become a coined phrase not only in the world of farming, but also in everyday life and pop culture.

Deere & Company was established in 1837 by John Deere – a young blacksmith from Vermont. It all started with a simple steel plough he invented to make the work on a field more efficient. The instant success of this invention triggered the high-speed growth of the company, which soon started developing other products, like for example Gilpin Sulky Plow in 1871 that for the first time allowed the farmer to be seated while working on a farm – this invention is considered as the greatest success of the company in the 19th century. The first tractor produced under the company’s name entered the market in 1923 and was in production for nearly 30 years, which only proves how big a success it was.

John Deere never stops developing. It has been almost a century since their first tractor and so far John Deere can really boast about a spectacular range of products in its offer. So far there are approximately 451 various models of agricultural tractors John Deere put on the market, plus 38 backhoe-loaders, 8 Waterloo Boy machines, 31 industrial and 38 Lanz tractors. That is seriously a lot to choose from. And it seems John Deere does not plan to rest on its laurels, as almost every year a new piece of inventory is released.

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