Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Likelihood of Food Crisis Due to the Global Warming

Scientists warn that the UK consumers are likely to suffer dramatically reduced food choices very soon, unless something is done to cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions.
The Sustainable Consumption Institute research shows some threatening statistics according to which the food, now taken for granted, such as meat and vegetables, could become too pricey for many families should global temperatures stay in line with the present trends and reach 4˚C within the lifetime of one generation.
What is worse, the situation is not likely to improve even when families carry on lowering their carbon emissions coming from the energy use as global farming emissions tend to rise, along with the increasing appetite for the energy-intensive foods. The report puts forward what many people have been aware of years before: there’s a chance to minimize the adverse effects of global warming, yet people must reduce the consumption of energy and food alongside with goods and services.
Yet the situation looks like a vicious circle so far, as together with the rise of temperature more fertilizers would be used in agriculture and farming in order to boost the crop growth. And it would definitely lead to further rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

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