Monday, July 9, 2012

Cultivators: A Big Comeback

Some farmers may wonder whether the tillage equipment is going to work extremely hard this summer. Well, apparently it can, and it is all owing to the tenacity of herbicide-resistant weeds, as stated in the report by CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology).
The report recommends fighting the glyphosate – resistant weeds with the use of “integrated management solutions, perhaps including tillage”. However, intensifying tillage brings about some issues, such as costs, increased labor, machinery limitations and  the related conservation challenges.
Definitely, one of the solutions to control herbicide – resistant weeds is to adopt site-specific mechanical control. Yet, many farmers have already sold or junked their cultivators, so the remaining equipment may have the wrong spacing or corroded sweeps. That is why, if the widespread cultivation becomes a must, a lot of new iron is going to be designed and marketed.

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