Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deere & Company On Its Way to Expand Manufacturing Capacity for Hydraulic Cylinders

According to the latest news coming from Deere & Company, they are going to invest $47 million to expand manufacturing capacity in their Moline, Illinois factory, where the company produces a wide range of the hydraulic cylinders used mainly in agriculture, construction and forestry around the world.
Deere continues the strategy aimed at the global growth and requires some investments in manufacturing operations.  Fortunately, market demand for John Deere products has remained high and the planned improvements in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders will be launched in order to meet that growing demand.
The investment is supposed to result in crucial upgrades in machining tools at the cylinder operations, however they won’t  require any changes to the physical design. Also, no jobs will be added as a result of the investment itself.

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